Sequel, splash, turtleshell, scallop, regatta - You may have heard these terms or have seen them while shopping on our custom or retail site, but what do they mean? What is the difference between a sequel turtleshell and a sequel jacket, and a scallop jacket and regatta jacket? Keep reading to find out which outerwear is right for you!


Regatta Jacket

If you need to stay warm and dry, our regatta jacket is for you! The perfect jacket for sitting in the launch, wearing around the boathouse on cold mornings, or out and about on a cold or rainy day. Complete with zipper covers and sealed seams, this jacket is 100% waterproof with a fleece interior, keeping you warm and dry in the wettest conditions. The classic cut of this jacket also makes it a great choice for parents and coaches.


Sequel Jacket

Also referred to as splash jackets, the JL Classic Sequel Splash Jacket is made for protecting yourself from the elements while rowing on the water. The higher cut front and half-zip style keeps the fabric from bunching up while rowing or coxing. The scalloped back protects the lumbar from the elements while rowing and sitting in the boat. The longer sleeves keep forearms and wrists warm and dry while reaching at the catch. This is the perfect jacket to wear while warming up and while rowing on the water during a cold or rainy practice.

Custom Gear Tip >> There are a variety of custom sequel jackets: Simple Sequel, Classic Sequel Rower (available in lightweight, midweight mesh, midweight fleece, and heavyweight), and Classic Sequel Cox/Coach (available in lightweight, mideweight mesh, midweight fleece, and heavyweight). All options are a pullover, half-zip jacket with a higher cut front, scalloped back, and longer sleeves. The Classic Sequel Rower and Classic Sequel Cox/Coach jackets all come with a zip-off hood, napoleon pocket, CC pocket and water bottle pocket. The Classic Sequel Rower comes with a zippered back pocket to stash keys and socks while the Classic Sequel Cox/Coach comes with zippered hand pockets.



Scallop Jacket

Warmup in comfort, and stay warm on the water in our scallop jackets! These jackets are made with Luxe-Knit fabric, a super soft, cotton-feel performance knit. This jacket has added thumb holes and is the perfect zip-up for layering on the water and around the boathouse. Scallop jackets can transition from workout to your post-sweat pick-me-up in a jiffy. Not to mention the high visibility color options give added protection on the water. 


Sequel Turtleshell

The Sequel Turtleshell vests keep your core warm and dry during those cold, wet workouts! The JL Sequel Turtle makes you feel absolutely protected when rowing. Great snug fit with full movement. Features include a tall collar with neck zipper, side zipper for easy slip on and off, and kidney and Napoleon pockets.

Custom Gear Tip >> The sequel turtleshell is available in lightweight, midweight and heavyweight fabric options to suit various climates while rowing. The lightweight turtleshell is made with a weather-resistant back and breathable DWR mesh front that has 4-way stretch for movement and fit. The lightweight turtleshell provides the best protection during summer training sessions out in the rain or on choppy water. The midweight turtleshell is made with a higher weather-resistant fabric on the back and a 4-way stretch fabric on the front. The midweight option is great for cool mornings and evenings out on the water. The heavyweight turtleshell is made with a 4-way stretch thermo fabric on the front and waterproof hytrel on the back, perfect for staying warm and dry during later fall, winter, and early spring practices. All turtleshells come with a napoleon pocket and a zippered back pocket.



Still have questions? We're here to help you find the best rowing gear for your needs! For questions about custom outerwear, email and for questions about our retail gear on JL Athletics, email To shop ready-to-ship jackets and vests, head over to our Jackets and Vests Collection on JL Athletics. 

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