How Athletes Impact the Rowing World

Rowing has often been heralded as a sport where people can find themselves progressing rather quickly. Though the journey from novice to the Olympic podium may not be in reach for most of us, most rowers can find what they’re looking for high levels of competition, a great way to stay in shape, or just a beautiful way to enjoy the water. Everyone starts somewhere, and many rowers continue to find enjoyment in the sport throughout their lives. 

With the continued expansion of both junior and masters programming around the country, athletes are able to seek out learn-to-row programs, as well as remain supported by clubs longer. At the core of this support from clubs are the coaches, volunteers, and organizers of clubs. 

College rowers back for the summer, masters rowers looking to help out their club, or seasoned coaches revered (and maybe a little feared) for their boathouse presence all pitch in to make things run smoothly. This lineage of coaching, and the idea of giving back, are the backbone of many rowing programs. 

As rowing continues to grow in popularity and availability, it will become increasingly important for clubs and programs to be staffed with knowledgeable, sociable, and dedicated athletes. Without the spirit of giving back, rowing would cease to be the sport it is. Rowers don’t wake up before the sun and train long hours on and off the water for money, fame, or fortune. There exists instead a sense of pride, camaraderie, and legacy that comes from taking part. Giving back to your boathouse, local club, or high school team can help usher in the next generation of rowing, allowing for the sport we love to continue being what it is, a worldwide community of united athletes.

  • If you’re interested in giving back to the sport, a great way to take part is in learn-to-row days. USRowing hosts one annually and there are many more individual ones around the country.
  • Monitor local club and program boards to see if they need help.
  • Reach out to organizers and set up a day of your own!

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