For the first time in over two years, USRowing is offering Lifetime Memberships for sale to its members. These exclusive memberships provide a member with the highest level of individual membership… for life!
With USRowing's National Team qualifying eight boats for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, they wanted to mark this special occasion with a brand new Lifetime Membership campaign for their biggest fans, most active members, and lifetime coaches!
Lifetime Membership base packages will be $1000 with a special $500 add-on option to get the 4 to 7-digit member number you’ve always wanted. The packages will include:

  • A USRowing Lifetime Membership at the highest individual membership level (currently Championship membership)
  • A special UPF sun-protection shirt with Fan for Life, Member for Life or Coach for Life embellishment, depending on package chosen
  • A Lifetime Member pin
  • Our new Lifetime Membership Card with access to future offers such as VIP discounts and more
  • A $500 add-on option to choose a 4 to 7-digit member number of your choice (pending availability)
  • A chance to win a Concept2 indoor rowing machine ($900 value), an NK SpeedCoach and Blue Ocean megaphone with accessory pack ($900 value), or a set of Croker S4 or S4 Soft sculling oars ($900 value including shipping)

This will be a limited-time campaign. A significant portion of these packages will be considered a tax-deductible donation to USRowing. Upon request, USRowing can provide the necessary paperwork to claim this deduction.


USRowing Membership Row Tokyo

September 16, 2019 — Hannah Abbott

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