The Sports Bra Project increases access to sports for women and girls by removing barriers to participation. They provide sports bras to athletes who don’t have access to such a basic piece of equipment.

The Sports Bra Project has its roots in Africa, where founder Sarah Dwyer-Shick discovered that the small collection of sports bras she'd brought as gifts for young soccer players in rural Namibia were instead eagerly accepted by older players living near the capital city, Windhoek. Many members of the Namibian National Women's soccer team had never owned something as simple and essential as a sports bra. In her soccer-related travels, Sarah quickly learned the need isn't only in Namibia.

So now, through a growing network of female coaches and athletes who collect and distribute sports bras, The Sports Bra Project works to make participation in sports possible for all girls and women. To ensure that the equipment gets to its intended location, the project works with trusted partners in the U.S. and abroad. Sports Bras are hand-delivered by individuals and organizations when they travel overseas.

There has been significant growth in sports programming available to girls and women around the world. Yet certain barriers to participation too often remain unaddressed. Proper equipment is a simple  -- and yet major -- obstacle. Without the support and coverage of a sports bra, essential for both comfort and cultural modesty, girls and women are often hesitant to participate. As a result, even the best run and well-intentioned sports programs can be inaccessible. The Sports Bra Project aims to change that.


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