Renewable Rowing at JL by, Kevin O'Hara 

 Ask any rower, there’s nothing better than the peace and serenity that accompanies an early morning on the water. Out there in solitude with nature, you develop a connection with the world, and a passion for the outdoors. In a time where the changing climate threatens our precious world, it is more important than ever to dedicate our attention and resources towards the cause. This includes the brands with whom we decide to interact. 

Since 1982, JL Racing has been focused on building unparalleled athletic wear for rowing, cycling, track and more. But that isn’t our only focus. Besides producing high-quality custom clothing, JL is constantly trying to pour its resources into improving sustainability. One of our ambitions is to have our family-owned facilities in California and El Salvador function entirely on solar power. 

This mindset is so important to us here at JL. Back in December, we merged with the husband and wife team owners of Wild Oar Crew. We were so pleased with their shared values of social responsibility and sustainability. Their facilities sport great medical clinics, maternity resources, and English language classes. Additionally, the solar energy used here cuts back on dangerous greenhouse gases and unnecessary waste. Even more technical advancements, such as sublimation, allows us to save thousands of liters of water on each garment we produce, without compromising our design. 

Here at JL, we recognize that our everyday behavior impacts the world around us. That’s why we strive to serve each and every customer but to also serve the planet in any way we can, making sure our practices are helping and not hurting our gentle home. 

August 14, 2019 — Hannah Abbott

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