Quick and Easy “On-the-Go” Snacks by, Leah Phillips

Whether you are planning a cross country road trip, on your way to practice, grinding at the gym, or scrambling for your things to get out the door because you are late...again, here are some quick and easy snacks you can take with you!

  • Protein/Granola bars
  • These are probably the easiest snacks you can take when you are traveling. They are an easy grab and don’t require putting anything together beforehand. I personally am not a huge breakfast person early in the morning, so these are perfect to hold me over for an hour or so. Protein bars are perfect before going to the gym too, and can also be eaten as a post-workout snack to keep your energy up. My favorite brands are Clif, Quest, KIND, RXBar, NurtiGrain and Nature Valley. The RXBar is neat because their label lays out all the ingredients right on the front. It is their signature marketing tool which is really helpful to the consumer looking for a simple, healthy, protein-filled breakfast bar. I highly recommend protein and/or granola bars for a quick and easy travel snack because you simply cannot beat it!

  • Trail Mix
  • Throwing another classic, easy snack out there to make when you are on the move! The fun thing with trail mix is that you can switch up what you put in it each time. Having a good variety of nuts, chocolate, raisins (which I prefer not to eat but many people like ‘em), and sunflower seeds make up the perfect trail mix. Adding in nuts like walnuts, peanuts, almonds, or hazelnuts, gets those healthy fats and protein in your system. It is a great energy booster and post-workout or crew practice snack, or even just great for a long car ride! Another great addition to trail mix is granola too. Whether you have the time to make your own granola at home or just want to buy a bag at the grocery store, they will work equally the same (BUT you should pay attention to the added sugars in store-bought granola because some brands could be pretty high in this). 

  • Veggies and Dip
  • This is such an easy snack to prep and is one of my favorites. All you need are some red, yellow, and green bell peppers and a dip, which I prefer ranch or hummus. You don’t just need to have peppers too, but it works with literally any kind of veggies you want, like baby carrots, celery, cucumbers, and uncooked broccoli or zucchini. Bringing a bag full of these and a little container of whatever dip you prefer is a great travel snack. It is a healthier alternative and doesn’t just feel like you are snacking the whole time, but feels like a mini-meal instead because veggies fill you up. I hate that feeling of snacking all day in the car and still being hungry because I haven’t consumed actual food, you know? This, along with the other snacks I mention here, will hopefully not make you feel this way!

  • Fruit
  • Now that I mentioned veggies, don’t forget about the fruit! My favorite quick snack is apples and peanut butter or almond butter. It literally takes seconds to put together and acts as a great pre/post-workout snack and an even better travel one! Other great fruits to bring are bananas, ALL the berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries), grapes, pineapple, watermelon, etc. Good for you and tasty, what more do u need?

  • Turkey Cheese Rollups
  • The last snack that is great for traveling or just for a little healthy pick-me-up in the middle of the day is a turkey cheese rollup. They don’t just have to be turkey, you can do ham, roast beef, or whatever floats your boat. You can also sub cheese for a spread like pesto, mayo, avocado, etc., or just put it all in one rollup! They are super easy and taste so good. Pair these with any of the snacks listed previously and you got yourself a nice little meal when you are on-the-go!

    Give these easy snack recipes a try the next time you are going to be in the car for a while or even before/after the gym! These are even just great at home when you are looking for something to eat other than chips or cheese doodles, and want something a little more energy-filled and healthier. I promise you will be packing these in your bag every time now and you won’t need to worry about rushing to put something together last minute!

    August 14, 2019 — Hannah Abbott

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